2012 South Dakota Legislative Session Begins Today!

Dear South Dakotans:

I am writing this post today from Pierre as lawmakers from all across the state have descended on the state capital to officially start the 2012 legislative session! The session will begin with Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s “State of the State” address today at 1 PM. This address will air live on South Dakota Public TV at 1 PM CST (12 PM MST).

I am so excited for the legislative session to get going this year. From my perspective, there is definitely more of an optimistic outlook to this session than the previous several years. I look forward to some vigorous debate over some of our most challenging policy issues. I also very much look forward to the new and creative ideas that will be introduced in the “laboratory of ideas” known as the legislative institution.

This session, I will once again be communicating with South Dakotans via social media outlets like twitter and facebook. I will also be posting video updates on my website as well as other social media platforms.

Here is how you can contact me during this year’s session:

Feel free to follow me on twitter by searching: @tschlek. My facebook page is “Check Schlek: Todd Schlekeway for State Senate”. My website is www.toddschlekeway.com. My e-mail address is Sen.Schlekeway@state.sd.us.

God Bless!

Todd Schlekeway

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