Efficient & Effective Spending of our Tax Dollars
The budget that funds state government in South Dakota has been the most challenging issue and has dominated the legislative dialogue the last several years. I will continue to be a strong advocate for efficient and effective spending of your tax dollars.

Economic Development
Sioux Falls is the main economic engine of South Dakota. I will continue to support policy that I believe helps the city of Sioux Falls and the state of South Dakota prosper. We need to work hard to maintain and preserve our current friendly individual and corporate tax structure in South Dakota.

I will continue to be a strong advocate for K-12 education in South Dakota. I spent my first term in the legislature serving on the House Education committee. I also have a Master’s degree in education and am a certified history and government teacher who has classroom teaching experience. This background gives me invaluable insight into policy issues involving K-12 education in South Dakota.

Embracing a Pro-Life Position
I am pro-life and will continue to be a strong advocate for the rights of the unborn.

Endorsing 2nd Amendment Rights
I support the 2nd Amendment. During the 2010 legislative session, I was a proponent of the Firearm Freedom Act which stated that firearms manufactured and sold in South Dakota are not subject to federal regulation.

Energy Development in South Dakota
Energy development projects offer us the best opportunity to revitalize the rural areas of South Dakota. I will continue to be supportive of state policy that helps South Dakota enhance energy-related projects in the wind and biofuels industries as long as they make good economic and financial sense for the future of South Dakota. I also will continue to support the ongoing efforts to build the Hyperion refinery in southeastern South Dakota.

Encouraging Young People and Families to Live and Work in South Dakota
This continues to be one of the core priorities that helps guide my policy making decisions in Pierre. I will support legislation that makes South Dakota an attractive place for young people and families to live and work.

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